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Office of interest

GT is offering to build an office of interest in Israel that will be managed by Mr. Rami Segal.


GT is offering to support customers at all stages of their market entry: From the first contact search to the opening of their own branch.


GT offers customized solutions, according to their specific requirements. GT is bilingual, knows the local market thoroughly and will go the extra mile to assist customers with any issues (business, technology, regulation, bureaucracy, logistic etc.). 

If the customer wants to extend its business relations to Israeli companies, if the customer needs information about Israeli partner before making a business deal or before binding itself to a certain distributor, then GT can extract of the register of companies and creditworthiness related information on short notice. 

If the customer is interesting to be involved with the Israeli semiconductor, Internet of things and big data industry, GT can provide the most advanced solutions and get a quality and focused information and contacts.

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